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Richard Madow

At six years old Richard Madow began banging incessantly on the family piano, causing a continual racket in the house. When he began to show some promise, classical studies were initiated in a tiny smoke-filled basement room of a Baltimore music store. However, when Rich refused to succumb to second-hand smoke and began writing chord symbols on pieces by Bach, Beethoven and Mozart, his teacher decided to show him the secrets of faking his way through the rock and pop pieces he played in a busy local cover band.


A series of bands with school friends and brother Marshall Madow followed, including stints as The Sweet Tarts, Levy and The Fuzz, and Vibration. Along with his frequent musical collaborator Danny Goldberger, Rich composed his first original tune “Sugar and Spice,” a popular number at school assemblies and dances.


Forays into concert band and jazz followed, earning Rich an “All State Music” award on, of all instruments, the baritone horn. When the left-handed musician was given a right-handed guitar as a present in college, a musical shift occurred as Rich and Danny (again!) started playing collegiate coffee houses and dorm jam sessions, including a debut at the ill-fated Terabac Room at The University of Maryland.


After spending years doing various independent projects, Rich once again teamed up with his elementary school friends Danny Goldberger (guitar, vocals) and Mark Levy (percussion, vocals) to form Bedtime For Jack. The addition of bass player Craig Gendler (The Reason, Death Row Tull) completed the group, and for over ten years they have been appearing in high quality establishments and dive bars in the lesser Baltimore area.


On “Coming Through With Static,” Rich (along with producer Sean Mercer) brings his talents as a songwriter, singer, musician, and arranger to a proper studio recording.